Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Great Bottle (Mis)Adventure

Ever since Ella was born, Julia has been begging to feed her. Every time I pull out the boppy and sit in the chair, Julia says, "How about me? How about me?" To which I must respond, "You don't have any milk." Tears ensue. So I thought that we'd give the kid a break and attempt a bottle. Which means I have to pump, which is about the second to last thing I want to do any given day (the last thing being vacuum, our carpets are kind of embarrassing). Pumping = more dishes + more work. Also, it requires 2 hands, seeing as I have a manual pump. 2 hands that are constantly needed to do other, more important things. Also, I'd rather sleep in.

Um, I hope that wasn't TMI for anyone. Sorry.

ANYWAY. I finally pulled myself together enough to pump, and we got all settled in to feed Ella that bottle, and Ella would have none of it. Lots of chewing on the nipple. Lots of spitting it out with her tongue. Not one bit of sucking action. So much for that. At least I thought to pull out my camera and snap a picture.

If I hadn't told you that it was a failure, you wouldn't be able to tell from the photo.

Maybe someday she'll take a bottle and I can leave her for longer than 2 hours. Of course, that would require having someone to leave her with. So I guess it's a moot point. Sigh.

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