Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wedding Weekend

Well, we had somewhat of a crazy weekend, but we all survived, and I dare say we all had a great time. Even Julia McFussypants.

I don't know if you know this about Julia, but she can be shy of strangers. Very shy. And "strangers" really means "anyone other than Mom and Dad." Eventually she'll warm up to you, but it generally takes a day or two. Oh, unless you are Grandpa Blockburger. Then she is terrified of you always and forever. Unless you distract her with something pretty great. Like the computer:

Or a pool with a big toy:

Grandpa really saved the day by letting her get in the pool. She was desperate to get in, I was not very excited about the prospect (seeing as no one had a swimsuit), but Grandpa worked it all out, and she had a GREAT time on that first step.

Clark and I had a great time staying up way too late every night chatting with Melissa. I do wish Texas wasn't so far, because I love seeing those Lowes (as a single or a package set).

Oh yeah, and Suzanne and Elliot got MARRIED! Woo! I had a great time at the wedding, lots of family, yummy food. And I thought it all turned out rather well.

As for pictures. I had every intention of taking lots of pictures at the wedding. I even got the camera out multiple times to snap a shot or two. But guess who could not stand to see a camera in someone else's hands? Oh, right, that would be Julia McFussypants. If the camera was out, she demanded to be holding it, and generally I frown upon that. Clark took a few pictures, at least, but my whole plan was thwarted. Anyway, here are a few of the pictures we got. I wasn't exactly in the best spot for taking pictures of the wedding (that's why we have photographers, right?). But it was a beautiful event, and it turned out so well. Congrats to the happy couple!

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Em said...

I love how grateful and easy appeased kids are. The first step of the pool? Really who needs anything more?