Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bubble Bath

After I had delegated the task of Julia's bath to Clark so that I could get some dishes done, he came into the kitchen with a gleam in his eye, and a bottle of bubble bath in his hand.

"You want to give her a bubble bath?"


"To teach her that Dad's baths are always more fun?"


That may or may not be what was actually said.

But alas, the plan backfired! Instead of being delighted to play in the bubbles, Julia spent the first few minutes refusing to get in because she was terrified. And then she refused to sit down. And then I think she was upset that all her toys were lost under the bubbles.

She calmed down a lot by the time I pulled the camera out, but you can tell that she's still not thrilled to be there.


Cheryl said...

How funny! I love the conversation, as well.

Z doesn't care either way if there are bubbles in his bath. But it's usually mommy who bubbles up his baths anyway.

Alex said...

That's hilarious! If my nephew Brandon were there he'd be saying, "Boobies!"... see my post (before the New Moon trailer) and that comment will make sense! :)

Alex said...

That would be this post:

Celeste said...

That's funny. Who would have thought that she wouldn't like the bubbles!

Karen said...

I love how in the midst of being anxious about the bubbles...she still manages a big smile and a "cheese"! Awesome.:)