Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Is anyone puking at your house?"

It turns out our computer died. Again. We are not amused. I'm currently using Clark's laptop because he is kind enough to bring it home from work so I can check my email. Naptime is surprisingly quiet and lonely with no computer at home.

Good thing Julia decided to vomit in her sleep the other day, or I wouldn't have known what to do with myself. Oh, and then she had a blowout. And then she barfed again. And again. And again. And all the while begged me for some milk (no way, kid, I know how that tastes coming up, and you'll never drink milk again). This was all on top of a raging case of eczema on her stomach, chest, and face.

Of course, while scraping the chunks of partially digested food off her bedsheet (TMI?), I realized that I didn't mind. I'd rather be a mom cleaning up the mother of all messes than a lady who dreads going to work every day. And there are certainly perks to this whole motherhood deal. Like the big fat hug I get every night. Ah, that is heaven.

Hopefully I'll be back online next week. Fingers crossed!


Sabrina said...

Rough week. I hope Julia's feeling better and the computer problem is fixed up shortly.

Celeste said...

oh poor Julia! (Poor you!) But I agree knowing that you're taking care of you little one makes a lot of things bearable.

Good news is, we're back! So operation "get you're stuff back" can begin!

Em said...

AHHH. How did people live with no internet?!?!?

Hope Julia's better soon!

Amber said...

Vomit is never fun! I hope Julia feels better soon. When I was prego, I threw up tomato ravioli soup and have not touched tomatoes ever since.

Adam Lowe said...

The title of this post reminds me of when Bill Murray asks, "Is it snowing in space?"