Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

I've been a lucky lady the past couple of months. I've won 3 (3!) different giveaways, and got some really cool stuff. Two of them have been from Give Away Today, and one from We Chirp (I've got their buttons right over there on the sidebar, you should click them, they're good stuff).

Firstly, I got some digital scrapbooking software from My Memories Suite. Perhaps you know that I am NOT crafty, and definitely NOT a scrapbooker? This is mostly because I lack the necessary skills to make things cute. Oh, and the funds. BUT. This digital stuff? Way easier. And since I won the software, it's all been free! I haven't had as much time to play around with it as I'd like, but I did make this cute photo, which I put in all the NICU parent kits:

I think it turned out well.

Secondly, I won a bandabib from Bazzle Baby. I got the Shimmering Blossom Pattern, in case you were wondering. I think these things are darling, they don't look like bibs. Much more stylin'. And I think they would have been great to have around during the drool phase, or even during the spit-up phase. They look like an accessory, but they have a fantastic function. Score.

And finally, I won this awesome necklace from rhbdesigns. I thought it was a sign, the sample picture already said Julia. And that is exactly what I got. I wore it yesterday and loved it.

So there you go. You, too, can be a winner. Give Away Today has a giveaway every day, and if nothing else you get to look at beautiful things and wish you had more money.


Brandon Danielle and Laneah said...

wow that is impressive. The only things I think I have won was from that Turkey trot down at Worthen park a couple years ago. But I think I'd rather have that cute necklace over the frozen turkey. :)

Celeste said...

Way to go Shannon! It's awesome to win things, and it seems like you are getting all the luck lately! (Even at the library) :) And I think that you're design is incredibly cute. (And by the way I was really out of the 'blog world' when you were doing the care kits. When I finally caught up with the world you were already done. But I wanted you to know that I thought that it was the neatest thing! I wish I could have helped.)

Emily said...

Gotta love free stuff! I saw when you won on Give Away Today, I won a couple of weeks ago too. :)