Thursday, June 04, 2009

What's Wrong, Little Pookie?

One of Julia's favorite books is What's Wrong, Little Pookie? by Sandra Boynton. It's a fun little book, with parts for Mom to say and parts of Julia to say. The other day, Julia finally started saying some of her parts. Really, just "no." But the amazing part is she knows when she is supposed to say, "Nope," instead of, "No." Seriously, watch the thing, at about 0:35 she says something other than no. After the, "Are you tired?" She basically stops saying anything after that because she can't say, "That's silly." Anyway, I thought it was neat. Hope you do, too.


Clark said...

And at 0:39 she says "No, thank you". Well, if you listen real closely, there is a little bit more past her 'No' even if it doesn't really sound like 'thank you'.

Celeste said...

Cute! I love how she sounds so sad about it too. Like something really is wrong! She's so smart! It won't be long before she's rattling off words all over the place! (and I even heard the 'thank you' that Clark mentioned. You can tell she knows what's going on even if she can't verbalize it all the way just yet)

Cheryl said...

Cute, cute. What a doll.