Tuesday, June 30, 2009

NICU Round 2

Remember when I made those Parent Survival Kits for the NICU? And how I mentioned that I want to do it again? Well, get ready kids, because the time has come for action!

I just looked through what I've got, and courtesy of Melissa, I've got a lot of stuff. Thanks, Melissa! I'm planning on making 7 more bags, though we could always make more if there is an interest. And I've got most of the stuff for those 7 bags, there are only a few things missing. Here's my list of things I need:
  • crossword puzzles, sudoku, something like that - 7
  • zip-up hoodies of some kind - 7
  • magazines - 7
  • hand sanitizer - 7
  • wet wipes - 7
  • hair clips - 6
  • cameras - 7
  • chocolate - 6
  • treats (for the nurses, or for the bags, though most of the bags already have a power bar and some granola bites)
I know there were quite a few of you who mentioned you'd like to help out, so please, let me know what you can do.

And I just realized that Megan was one of the ones who wanted to help and now she's having surgery next week. Cancer sucks. We're praying for you, Meg!


PrincessKatie said...

I WANT TO HELP. SO is that all stuff that you need let me see what I can round up to send to you. How soon do you wnat it?

Em said...

I want to help too! Have you already put these together? What's more helpful: send you money, or sending actualy stuff? You're awesome!