Thursday, June 18, 2009


The past couple of weeks have brought about a few new additions to our home. Come, look at our new stuff!

There was a sale at Lowes, and we had a coupon ($10 off a purchase of $50 or more [I know, I'm all over the coupons. A couple of days ago I got free Skintimate shave gel. Dude. Free. It doesn't get much better than that.]) So we took the chance and purchased a ceiling fan for our bedroom. After a couple of hours and a few choice words (ok, lies, Clark doesn't use choice words, he's very good at keeping it in, but boy howdy, he had to work hard to keep those guys in while working on the fan), it was installed.

Beautiful! And, and. . .
A remote. Oooooo. Now can turn off the light while in bed. And we don't have to dread summer quite so much. (As another aside, we've been quite blessed this year, as it hasn't reached 100° yet and it's already June 18. WOOHOO!)

Then, Julia's new crib came! This was much easier to put together than the fan. And we like it. The color matches her dresser a little better than her old crib. Though, I'd like to say that the slat strength feels EXACTLY THE SAME as the old one. I still don't think she could break it. But hey, now we have a brand new crib, and we could still use the old one as a headboard/footboard for a full-size bed. If we ever get a full-size bed. Which I'm not convinced we will. But still, the option is there.

Julia was a 2 crib baby for a few days, but we finally took it down yesterday.

Now for the big big BIG stuff. Guys. This is huge news.

Pay attention.

First, we got an organ from my mom. It's a beautiful antique piece that we decided to put in our entryway. I think it's gorgeous.

As we were moving it my mom pulled out this music stand thing that I don't think I've ever seen before, but it matches the organ pretty well. It's a little beat up, but I think we could fix it up, sand and refinish it or something. I actually don't know a thing about stuff like that, so any of you who are more knowledgeable in the area of furniture restoration, please advise.

And finally, we got yet another musical instrument. A PIANO! My grandmother's piano! We've been trying to work out a plan to move it down here for months now, but there have been a thousand different excuses, from too much snow and ice to not enough people to move it. But the planets finally aligned. We borrowed a trailer from our neighbors (and since we only have a Honda Civic, they let us borrow their Jeep, too, how generous is that?), my parents hired a moving crew to get it out of my grandma's house (and down her many many narrow stairs), and we had some friends help us move it into our stair-free front room Tuesday night.

Oh my. Oh MY. I love it. LOVE. IT. Yes, it is old, and yes, some of the keys stick a little and others don't stick at all with the pedal down, but it is a real piano. Not a keyboard. And I think it's pretty.
Did I mention it was a player piano? No? Well, guess what? It's a player piano! The "player" part would need some work, but still. It's all old-timey. I love it!

We've only had it in here for 2 days (almost), and already there has been much music made.

Which reminds me of my favorite Lauren quote of the weekend. Lauren is our 2.5 year old niece. She loves to play with/boss around Julia. It's cute. So she was banging on the piano, and she looks at Julia and says, "Don't worry Julia, it's just music."


Cheryl said...

Yeah, so what if I'm jealous. Of the light remote (had one in my bedroom before I married Matt), jealous of the piano, jealous of music played on the piano. So. At least I got some of your delish cookies from my man helping move those instruments. Mmm.

Sabrina said...

Yay! So many fun additions to your home. I am so glad you got to get the organ and piano down there. They are both beautiful. My grandma had a player piano. I loved playing it when I was younger. That is such a treasure!

alisquire said...

Yay for large musical instruments! How lucky that you got two, and didn't have to pay for either! They look great!

Celeste said...

That's awesome Shannon! If there's anyone who should have musical instruments in their house it's definitely you guys! You are so talented, I'm glad you can play more now. (And you'll totally love the remote! - we have one and the only time that I don't love it is when it's dark and I can't find it to turn the light on!)

Alex said...

Oooooh, those are pretty! How awesome you got both! Looks like you guys are keeping busy, glad everything is going well and you have a new fan to help with that heat!!! Stay cool my friend! :)

Judy said...

The new additions look great, and I know you'll use them all a lot!

Em said...

Congratulations on the new additions! They are gorgeous, and I'm glad they're getting a lot of love. =)