Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Utah! Day 10

I know what you're thinking: Good grief!  Are we done with this Utah trip already? 

I know because I'm thinking the same thing.  Put your head down and power through.  Things are about to get a bit condensed, which is ok because this portion of the trip was pretty low-key anyway.  Here we go.

Day 10 we made a trek to my aunt's goat farm.  They sell goat milk, cheese, soap.  Lots of goat milk products.  Drake Family Farms, check them out!  Anyway, it's always fun for the girls to see real live goats, especially those little baby goats.  Oh so cute.  We went with my cousin, Jana, and her family, which made it even better! 

Then we spent the afternoon hanging out and playing Bohnanza.  It turns out I really like that game.  If you ever want to play it, come on over!

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