Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Utah! Day 12

Monday: Park Day.

We got up and took a morning walk to the park by my parents' house.  The girls had a great time playing at the park.

Then at lunchtime, Sabrina and her brood (including Judy) came to town!  So we met up at a different park by my parents' house and had lunch.  Cafe Rio was consumed for the 2nd time.  There was much catching up.  The girls had a great time playing at the park.

Then in the afternoon we went to Sugarhouse Park where we had a potluck/chat-fest with friends.  The girls had a great time playing at the park. 

See a theme here? 

I was so glad that we got to see the Millars, even if we were missing Brett, and even if it was only for 1 day.  It worked out perfectly, actually, because we planned a little shindig and I personally think more people came due to the fact that we both were there.  It was wonderful to see so many old friends, and their kids!  It really is quite funny to think back 10 years and realize how much our lives have changed.  The marriages, the kids, the mortgages.  Everything is different now.  But there is something wonderful about old friends - the kind of friends you can pick right back up with, like no time has passed.  I had missed them.


Judy said...

I have missed you. Drop over any time you're in town. Even if Sabrina isn't around.

Sabrina said...

It was sooooooo good to see you and I can't wait to meet up again soon!