Thursday, July 26, 2012

Utah! Day 9

We carried on with the low-key vibe on Friday.  We took the girls to a park in the morning, and spent the day hanging out, trying to provide some semblance of routine and normalcy after an action packed week. 

The big highlight of the day was going to breakfast with the Martinsens.  They were in SLC after returning from their trip to Brazil, and our trips just happened to coincide.  I am so glad that we got to meet up with them.  Holy smokes, it made me miss St George.  A lot.  A really, really lot.  I miss walking with Jenn, and all the people down there, and the red rocks, and the people, and our house, and the people.  I miss the people a lot.  It makes me wish we had taken an extra week of vacation and gone down south to visit all those people we know and love.  Of course, time wouldn't allow for that, but a girl can dream.  Maybe someday everyone I know from everywhere will live in the same neighborhood and I won't have to miss someone all the time.  It's getting to be ridiculous.  No more moving.  My heart can't take it.

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