Monday, May 14, 2012

Mama. . . present. . . birthday!

Yesterday Ella helped Clark wrap a gift (yay, Mothers Day!).  She was pretty excited, and kept saying, "Mama. . . present. . . birthday!"  It was very sweet.  She was excited to give it to me and help me open it (yay, new book light!). 

A little while later, we were talking about how Ella's birthday is coming up in a couple months.  I said, "Ella, did you know that your birthday is coming up?"  She replied, "Me??"  "Yes," I said, "your birthday!  And you'll get presents."  "Me???"  I had just rocked her world.

Then she went looking for Ella's presents, and was sadly disappointed when we told her that her birthday isn't for 2 months.  But oh!  That moment when she realized that she'd get a birthday, too!  And presents to boot!  It was priceless. 

And I'm pretty sure 20 minutes later she was asking for cake, though I'm not sure.  Soon enough, little chica, soon enough.

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Judy said...

They are growing right up! I hope to see them (and you) next month.