Monday, May 07, 2012


I totally missed the boat on getting a post up for Julia's birthday.  Let's make up for that, shall we?

Julia is now 4!  I know every mom says this, but I cannot believe she is so old.  It wasn't so long ago that we brought her home from the hospital!  And now she's a preschooler!  She's a walking, talking, sassy, silly, beautiful girl, and we are so lucky to have her.  Sensitive soul and all.

In case you were unaware, Julia is all about dinosaurs these days.  We have Dinosaur Train to thank for this.  She has watched all she can on netflix.  She goes to and plays the Dinosaur Train games.  She even sits and looks at the Field Guide they have on there, which tells you about all the different dinosaurs.  The other day she pointed out an Elasmosaurus.  I didn't even know that was a real thing.  We check out dinosaur books from the library.  We've got the dinosaur bug, and we've got it bad.

So we had a dinosaur party!  We had a dinosaur egg pinata, that I made myself.  (It's a good thing an egg is shaped exactly like a balloon, or else we would have been in trouble.)  We had dinosaur hats.  We had a dinosaur dig (find the dinos and the eggs in the sand).  And we had dinosaur cake!

Originally I had planned on making a Dinosaur Cake, you know, a cake shaped like a dinosaur.  But then I realized, I have no cake decorating skills, why on earth would I add that kind of stress to my life?  So we settled for a couple of dinosaurs slapped on top.  It turns out?  She's 4.  There are dinosaurs involved in some way.  She's happy.

Whew!  Blowing out those candles looked exhausting!

So, this party was a few days after her birthday.  I realized that I hadn't taken a single picture of the birthday girl on her birthday.  I was feeling pretty guilty, when I remembered that we had our family pictures taken on her birthday.  Ha!  We DO have pictures!

Oh, I love my sweet Julia.  She is kind and thoughtful.  She is a little mother, who wants to take care of every baby in the world.  She is (usually) a good big sister.  She revels in the silly.  She loves to dance.  She has mad pretend skills.  She can still pull out some pretty big meltdowns, but oh, the games of hide and seek we play!  The bike rides we have!  Don't grow up too fast, little girl.


Soper Family said...

Four!? Wow, I can't believe she is that old either. She's a cutie!-Ashley

Sabrina said...

I am way behind on my blog-reading, but I didn't want this post to pass by without sending a birthday greeting to Julia. She is darling! Way to go with the dinosaur theme. We are fans of dinosaur train around here too. Has Julia memorized the Dinosaurs A to Z song yet? I bet she'd get that one down really quick!

Jedda said...

What a darling girl Julia is. And, may I mention that is lucky to have you for a mama? What a fun party for her!

asm said...

We love dinosaur train at our house too! We've watched everything on Netflix... A couple times. Aryn is pretty excited to be able to watch new episodes at gmas