Monday, December 19, 2011

Ella's Stats (from October)

Oh hey, Ella had a 15 month doctor's appointment. 2 months ago. On Halloween, actually. I am finally getting around to cleaning off my desk and I have a little piece of paper with the stats on it. So, 2 months ago she was:
  • 21.3 lbs (25%)
  • 31.5 inches tall (75%)
  • 18 inches around her head (48%)

Long and lean, apparently. Though, the way they do percentiles at this clinic is a lot more fuzzy than the way they did them at our old pediatrician. The old clinic plugged it into the computer and let technology calculate it for them. The new clinic has the nurse eyeball it on the chart. I feel like your choices are a) 25%, b) 50%, or c) 75%. So who knows, really.

Good, now I can throw that paper away.

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