Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Snow Day!

The last day of November we had the first (and only) real snow of the year! It was enough to delay the public schools for 2 hours, which means NO PRESCHOOL. We were all a bit bummed, especially since it was my day to co-op, but we made the most of it and got some play time in.

Julia delights in snow angels. And she says she is going to make a "Snow Baby Jesus." I'm not sure what her thought process is there.

This was Ella's first time really in the snow. Last year she wasn't walking yet, so she didn't really get to experience it. I don't know if she quite knew what to think of it. But since Julia loved it, Ella was willing to go along for the ride. She wants to do everything Julia does. And so far, Julia enjoys having Ella around. I think she likes to show her how to do things. It makes her feel like the Mom.

It was also a great opportunity to discover what kind of snow gear we needed for the upcoming winter season. I couldn't find Julia's mittens, so she wore some of Ella's, and then I couldn't find one of Ella's other mittens, but Julia wasn't about to give up the ones she had on, so Ella got one mitten and one of my gloves. We rectified that situation within days when I saw some kid gloves at the dollar store. And then I found Julia's mittens. And then I found Ella's missing mitten. So our hands are COVERED. I also learned that Ella doesn't have winter boots or snow pants. (I say this like it's shocking. We lived in St George for 4 years. Of course we didn't have winter boots or snow pants.) Good thing Christmas is coming up - Ella's needs will be covered in 4 short days.

Um, Christmas is in 4 days. WHAT?!


Celeste said...

Thought you might like to know: I showed this post to Craig and he said "I remember them! Mom, where did that family move to?" "Michigan" "oh... (very sadly) I just really want to meet them and play with them again."

Sounds like we need a play date.

Shanny said...

Oh, that is sad! All those darn states in the middle - wish we were closer.