Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our Budding Photographer

Julia has become quite the little photographer. I knew she liked the play with the tripod and pretend she was taking pictures, but I really didn't know how many pictures she had been taking with the real camera. I vaguely remember giving her permission to do this, but I didn't realize just how many pictures she was taking. So it was a fun little surprise to see what was on the memory card. It kind of makes me think of little Clarky's "Sounds Around the House."

Here is a smattering of the findings.

While I wasn't paying attention to Julia playing with the camera, I also wasn't paying attention to Ella playing with the phone. It would appear that I need to pay closer attention to my children.

Oh, so that's what's under the couch!

Two of her favorite subjects: Maggie and Violet.

And then Maggie posed with the ball.

Ella doesn't sit as still as the dolls.

I'm not sure what setting the camera was on, but I thought the reflection from the Christmas lights was exciting.

The map!

Another common theme: coloring book pages! With very little coloring!

Dad and Ella. So he was fully aware of this shot, obviously. Maybe I shouldn't feel so bad.

And she even took a video of me playing the organ.

It's fun to get a glimpse of her world, don't you think?


The Martinsen Family said...

I love it, what happened to baby taco soup? She was my favorite:)

Soper Family said...

So funny and cute!

Christy said...

Great word 'smattering' is... definitely need to add that to the vernacular.

Mimi said...

How funny! I have a post just like this waiting in the queue, pictures that josh has been taking all year. I love it! It really does show life from a three year old's perspective. Hope you're having a great Christmas up there!