Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Moms Day

In case you were wondering, I had a delightful Mothers Day. I have learned my lesson from years past, and had low expectations for Mothers Day. I did NOT expect to have a day completely to myself where I am pampered and doted upon by my loving husband and children. Instead I planned on enjoying my time with my children, and remembering how desperately I wanted them, and how lucky I am that they are here.

And the day did not disappoint. Julia and Clark made me pancakes for breakfast. . . ON MY NEW GRIDDLE! I love it. I also got 2 new orange peelers (as mine keep breaking - I seriously will be getting one every year for Mothers Day from now until I die), and a new shower poof, as my old one completely fell apart. Which was comical, actually, to be scrubbing with a poof and then, POOF! no more poof. Just a long stretch of netting. Anyway, I got a new one, and I was glad for it.

I also got to attend Relief Society, and while I was in and out with Ella, I still got most of the message, and it was a good one. I planned an easy dinner that Clark could make, and with minimal dishes. And then we headed over to the Dow Gardens and partook of the beauty therein. Seriously amazing. Tulips everywhere! Blooming magnolias! Rhododendrons! It was divine. And it was a beautiful, sunny day. I am so glad we went.

All in all, a great day. I am so glad to be a mom!

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