Sunday, May 15, 2011

For the Grandmas: 5/15/11

Ella has been learning all kinds of new skills lately. She makes kissy faces, she cruises (and is getting closer and closer to walking), and she waves and says, "Bye." That was a pretty easy one, since "Bah" is her favorite syllable. She also signs milk, more, and all done.

Julia has been doing a lot of pretending, especially when playing with all her new My Little Ponies. There is usually a birthday party involved, and they all play duck duck goose and eat cake and have a grand time. It's so fun to see her creativity taking off. I also have learned that she has a skewed perception of fire hydrants and fire stations. She apparently thinks that fire hydrants shoot fire, and that when you go to the fire station they "put fire all over you." I suppose it would make some sense, you go to the grocery store to get groceries, so why wouldn't you go to the fire station to get fire?

I still laugh when I think about the fire hydrant shooting fire. Pure comedy.

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