Monday, May 16, 2011

7 Years

See? Mormons can send flowers. Also, there is nothing quite so wonderful as having your husband walk in the door right when you are about to fall apart, and to have him standing there with flowers. It's the best pick-me-up ever.

Our anniversary was on a Thursday this year, so we decided to postpone the festivities by one day and go out on Friday. We got a real live babysitter (!) and went out on the town. We most certainly don't do that enough. I'm hopeful that maybe we can do this more often now that Ella isn't quite so dependent on me for food. Also, she goes to bed at 6pm now (that's a post for another day. . . maybe), so we can put her down and then go out.

We headed out to The Creek Grill for dinner, and thoroughly enjoyed a dinner without children. No demands for more food, no messes to clean up. Adult conversation. Someone else to do the dishes. It was fabulous.

Afterward we went over to the Tridge for a few minutes, and then walked along the Rail Trail. I was worried it would rain on us, but it was nice and dry. We even sat in a little gazebo and watched the sun set. You can't plan that kind of perfection.

Then we picked up a couple of $5 movies from Walmart and headed home. We were only gone for 3.5 hours, but it was delightful. We so need to have a more regular date night.

Happy Anniversary, Clark! 7 year itch? Please.


Jennie said...

That clip was awesome! Thanks for sharing, it made me smile. Happy Anniversary!

kierste @ brown paper packages said...

Happy Anniversary! So glad you had such an enjoyable evening out.

Kay Hinton said...

This is such a cute post. I'd forgotten that mormons can't send flowers thing. So funny. You are a great writer. I love coming to your blog. Our concert is tomorrow night. You're still on the publicity picture cuz Jennett's been out of town, so we weren't ever all together for a new one. So, if you wanted to show up, we'd love to have you. We miss you!!!