Monday, January 31, 2011

For the Grandmas: 1/31/11, the Julia Edition

Julia is full of creative energy these days. She is constantly mimicking real life and finding objects around the house to help her out. For example: she likes to play "Sacrament Meeting." She pulls out the guitar stand and reconstructs it so it looks like a microphone:

Then she says, "Welcome, brothers and sisters!" And there is a song and a prayer and announcements and all sorts of stuff. The other day she had a pencil and was waving it around saying, "Repent!" Kids pick up a lot more than we think.

A week or so ago we happened to see a folk music group having a jam session. One of the instruments was a bass. A few days later, Julia was found playing her own bass, made of her wand and the ukulele. She even gave us a concert. And we got it on video!

It's a long video. But it is pretty impressive how well she knows I Am a Child of God, even if the last bit is a little rocky. I especially like the line, "To live with me someday."

Clark was trying to teach her to catch the other day. The attempt was hilarious. Especially when it devolved into Julia the monkey.

And finally, she has been working on writing her name. This was completely unprompted. She was coloring and said, "Look, I wrote my name!" And she really did. Oh, not well, mind you. But there was most definitely a J, and she knows that the L is a line, the I has a dot, and the A is a circle. I thought it was pretty impressive. If I could find the paper, I'd post it. But being the amazing mother I am, I lost it. Oopsy. No one ever put me in charge of documenting special events, ok?


Judy said...

You had better watch out because you'll have a rock star on your hands. I love hearing about all the cute things she is doing.

Sabrina said...

Haha, I love that she was exhorting you to repentance. That is hilarious. I am pretty sure our kids couldn't mimmick the first 10 minutes of sacrament meeting if they wanted to since we usually arrive just in time for the sacrament :( Anyway, that Julia is one funny, smart girl.

Celeste said...

These are all awesome! I love the sacrament meeting! The playing the Bass is pretty awesome and she did so good singing both songs too! And the straight arms! Must say that's a favorite. (followed closely by the monkey!) Cute. Cute. Cute!

asm said...

Holy Cow, I can't watch without a big smile on my face. she is sooooooo cute!