Monday, January 31, 2011

For the Grandmas: 1/31/11, the Ella Edition

Ella has been working on a few things the last couple of weeks. First, we started her on solid foods. Our first attempts with rice cereal were less than successful. Meaning not at all successful. And then we tried oatmeal. Oatmeal seemed to be much better. She was eating the whole bowl without complaint. And getting a fabulous oatmeal beard in the process:
Then I tried rice cereal again one night on a whim, only to discover that she most definitely still hated the rice cereal, and then the next night would have nothing to do with the oatmeal either. It's like she wasn't going to be fooled into eating the gross stuff. No sir. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. So then I thought I'd try applesauce. Everyone likes applesauce! Everyone but Ella, it turns out. I'm not sure if she was still concerned about the rice cereal or what, but she hated that applesauce with the fire of a thousand suns. It was like I was poisoning her. She'd spit it out violently, fling the spoon across the room, and bawl her eyes out. Which is really uncommon behavior for my sweet Ella. So I have now purchased a variety of baby foods and we'll just keep trying until we find one we like. Squash is first up. She seemed to do pretty well with it tonight. Clark was feeding her. Maybe that helped. I'm hopeful.

Next, she's been working on her jumping. Ella does not like to sit. I'm not entirely sure how well she can sit on her own, because if you sit her down it's only a matter of seconds before she tries to either stand up or lunge for a toy. And if she's standing, you'd better believe she'll be jumping. In a stroke of genius, I bought her a Johnny Jump Up. It arrived on Saturday. Best purchase I've ever made. She loves the thing. Here's the proof:

And finally, she's been getting ready to crawl. The days of putting Ella on a blanket to play are about over. She is most definitely mobile, she rolls and scoots and turns in circles to get where she wants to go. She also goes backward, but I don't think that's on purpose. And in the past week she's started getting up on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth. She's so close. And she's been a bit of a fuss bucket lately, and a crummy sleeper to boot, so I'm hoping she'll figure this crawling thing out and let us all get some sleep.


Judy said...

What a cute young lady! She is growing up so fast.

Sabrina said...

It's fascinating to me to see how differently our children develop. Your kids don't seem to like eating all the much for a while (correct me if I am wrong, but I remember Julia not liking food all that much at first) but they get mobile pretty quick. My children can eat us out of house and home and love every food (until the age of 1) we ever give them, but mobility, whew, it takes them a loooong while. Just interesting to observe. I am glad Ella likes the Johnny Jump Up. That will be convenient to use when she is mobile too :)

Celeste said...

Sounds like a fun battle with the food. Don't know if it helps but I sometimes feel like they tell you to start with the rice cereal because it is so disgusting that if they had other things first they would KNOW how yucky it is and would refuse to touch it! I mean Savannah will eat most things pretty amiably. But bring out the rice cereal or oatmeal... Not a chance! Grimace, spit it out, throw the spoon, complete with a shudder from head to toe!

So don't get disheartened it's not just Ella. Craig would never touch the stuff either. We did have good success with sweet potato though!

She's getting so big! And her jumping is adorable. I love how she whips right around when you say her name! Smart girl.