Monday, May 10, 2010

What I'm Grateful For

Yesterday, with 5 minutes left to go in Sunday School, I got a tap on my shoulder. I turned to find a nursery worker telling me I was needed. I feared the worst (which would require a change of clothes), but it turned out Julia was just "having a rough day," as she would say. I guess she was having meltdown after meltdown, and Sister Potter decided it was time to come get me when she was at the door crying, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" So I went in, and saw the little tears still on her face. I gave her hugs, kissed her cheeks, and told her everything was ok. I read her a book, she looked through my bag, she rode the horse, and then it was time for me to get back to Relief Society, since I was the teacher. I felt bad leaving her, but I had to. And I think she did OK after that (though they could have just told me that to be nice).

I'm so glad that I am that kid's mom. That she wants me to comfort her when she is sad. That my hugs have the power to make tears disappear. The rest of my Mothers Day was great, lots of love and attention, but that 15 minutes was probably the best part, because it demonstrated perfectly that I am the Mom. And I'm so grateful to be just that.


Sabrina said...

Great story. Thanks for sharing. It'a a good reminder. I am glad you had a wonderful Mothers' Day. Could you send some of that gratitude my way? I've been hankering for some mommy escapedom lately.

Jessica said...

You are such an awesome mom, I want to be like you when I have kids. I guess it helps that you have such a sweet daughter, we love her!

Celeste said...

Being a mother is definitely the best job in the world. Challenging true, but oh so rewarding.