Wednesday, May 05, 2010

May 5

This is Clark:

Let's talk about some of the places he has been and the things he has done, shall we?

10.5 years ago, he was here:

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Watching a car get towed out of the moat. And I was there too. Jokes abounded. And more importantly, we met.

9 years and 2 months ago, he asked me to be his "back-up." I accepted (load off my mind, at least I'd get married someday). The wedding date was set for May 5, 2015. Because you don't want to be too old to have kids by the time you get married.

9 years ago, he took me here:

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A frisbee was thrown. Then we went back to his parents' house and watched this:

And ate these:

I would call it our first date, but someone was a little less certain about that fact. Whatever. Movie + Starburst on our faux anniversary? Dude, that's a date.

8 years ago, he managed to have a package delivered to my house. From Brazil. On a Sunday. It was masterfully done. Kudos, Clark.

6.5 years ago, he got on one knee in the snow and asked if I wanted to move our wedding date up a few years.

And 6 years ago, he met me here:

Took me inside, and married me. Making me the happiest woman alive.

Happy Anniversary, Clark! I love you.


Sabrina said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it's already been 6 years. Time really does fly when you're having fun. I hope you have a fun way to celebrate planned.

Alex said...

You just made me cry!!!! Awwwwww, you guys are hands down the cutest couple I have ever met! Happy 6th Anniversary!!! ((hugs))

Cheryl said...

Ooohooh. Cute story. Happy anniversary!

((and how in the WORLD are you already 29 1/2 weeks pregnant??))

Celeste said...

Happy Anniversary! What a fun recap of events! I love it. It's fun to look back at life and realize just how good it's been. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Judy said...

Happy Anniversary! You two are such a cute couple, wonderful parents, and great friends.

Heather Bay said...

I love the black and white photo of you guys... so classic!

Clarissa said...

What a cute story, I love the mapped out info that was great! Congrats!

Heather Bay said...

I remember when the car was getting towed out of the moat!