Friday, May 14, 2010

Weekly Quote 5/14/10

I know, it's not Monday, but in case you haven't noticed, I haven't changed my "weekly" quote in like a month, so I decided to do whatever I wanted. So there. The previous quote, "One year older and wiser, too,
Happy Birthday to you!" was in honor of Julia's birthday.

The new quote is from the library today. We learned about bugs during storytime. The librarian brought some bugs she caught and put in ziploc baggies, one of which was a cockroach - and it was still alive. She caught it last weekend. LAST WEEKEND. STILL ALIVE. Disgusting. Some of the kids were asking her if she was feeding it. OF COURSE NOT! Ew.

But that was an aside. What I want to mention is that one of the bugs was a beetle. And one of the kids busts out with, "Beetles are for playing with. They don't bite you. That's what my grandpa taught me." Oh, too funny not to share.

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Celeste said...

That's awesome. Grandpa's are the best. :)