Friday, May 21, 2010

Baby Stuff

Well, the poll results are in! Sophie is clearly the favorite, followed by Ella, Eleanor, Caroline, Lucy, and then Joy. It's nice to get input from everyone, see what people like. Who knows what we'll end up deciding on, but it's nice to have input.

And speaking of Baby Bing, I had an ultrasound yesterday. All is well with the baby! It's always a relief to hear them checking off all the vital organs, and to hear that she's growing well. This time we actually got some good pictures, too. (Last month there really weren't any great ones, but I guess the tech felt like she had to print off something, so she gave me a picture of the spine. And for some reason it came out as a 5x7. So that's weird.) Anyway, she even put them on a CD for me, so I can share them with you (without having to haul out the scanner and set that all up, which, honestly, is too much work, and that is why I haven't put any ultrasound pictures up this pregnancy).

Here we have the lovely profile:

And then we got some great 3-D ones. Amazing technology, no?

And an amazingly cute baby, if you ask me. While we're doing pictures, I suppose I should put up the most recent "bump picture." Here I am at 31 weeks:

I'm not sure why I'm posting this, because I think I look like garbage, but whatever. It's done. We'll focus on the baby bump and not on the rest of the picture.

The other result of my doctor appointments (yeah, plural) yesterday was we decided that next week is the time to start Non-Stress Tests (NSTs). Which means that starting next week, I can't bring Julia along to my weekly appointments. Which means I get to pawn her off on friends and neighbors every week and feel really guilty about it. But wait! It gets better! For some reason, Dr G decided that I needed 2 NSTs per week. So really I get to pawn Julia off on friends and neighbors twice a week! Except for the week that I get another ultrasound, in which case it will be 3 times in one week! What a delight! Luckily, Clark doesn't work on Mondays, so I scheduled them on Mondays and Thursdays, and will only have to find a babysitter once a week. But that doesn't change the fact that I will basically live at the doctor's office for the next 2 months. Which is better than living in the hospital. Or being on bed rest. So I'll take it. Positive thinking.

I am really looking forward to this pregnancy being over. It's stressing me out. And yes, once the baby is here there will be a whole different kind of stress, but I think I'll take "New Baby No Sleep" over "You Could Go Into Heart Failure and DIE." Wouldn't you?


The Martinsen Family said...

I love getting Julia pawned off to us. We have such a great time. See you tomorrow:)

Celeste said...

That doesn't sound like any fun Shannon! But I suppose it is better to know that you're safe even if it is a HUGE hassle. If I can figure out how to deal with a newborn and a two year old by myself then I'd love to help with Julia. We'll just have to see how fast I learn (and recover :).

oh the bright side, she looks like a beautiful baby!

Clarissa said...

I can help out with Julie if you need me too. Just call me up I would love to watch her and Laken always loves someone one else to play with.

Heather Bay said...

I wish I lived closer! I'd babysit!

Amber said...

I think you make a fabulous-looking prego lady (NOT garbage)!

ilikewinter said...

Oh no!! I missed the vote! I vote Ella, if I can still do that. I am in love with Ella Fitzgerald, so that might be holding some sway for me ;). I can't believe how amazing ultrasound pictures are these days. You can actually see the baby instead of some abstract form that parents point at pretending to know where the head is. =) Beautiful pictures. I hope things get destressed for you soon.