Friday, April 03, 2009

I love saving money

Do you like coupons to Old Navy? The kind that are 50% off one item? Go here. Follow the directions. Enjoy the coupon goodness.

This is what we did with ours:

$6.64, baby!


Matt said...

Ok, I have found the 20% and the 40%, now where is that elusive 50% off that you have posted about??

Thanks for the link!

Shanny said...

it's all in the directions - look for the kite!

Celeste said...

Thanks Shannon! That's awesome! And I love the the swimming suit! Too cute. And the best part is, (except for the strange weather today) that means that it's swimming time! We need to start a group again, that was so fun last year. In fact I'm going to use my nifty new coupon to get craig shorts so he can swim too! Thanks again.

Sabrina said...

Bummer. I tried it, but too late. It said that coupon is no longer available. Too many people must have found it already :( Cute suit that you found for Julia though. It also took me a minute, but I realized whose blog you linked to for the directions. Then, I realized you have them on your blog for the adoption thing. I had never noticed that before. I am a little slow.