Wednesday, April 22, 2009

1 Year Stats

We visited Dr Walker on Monday, and while Julia is a very healthy little baby, she has definitely slowed down in the weight gain department. She only weighs 18.87 lbs, putting her in the 15 percentile. It's kind of sad to see the percentile numbers: 84-81-84-63-27-15. The bad news is we can't turn her around in her carseat yet. The good news is we don't have to pay for a new carseat yet! Her height is 28.66 inches (42%), and her head circumference is 17.9 inches (60%).

So here's the problem. We're in the process of weaning (down to 1 feeding a day), but I'm also trying to steer clear of bottles. She'll drink out of a sippy cup, just not large quantities. And so instead of getting the recommended 24 ounces of milk per day, she gets like 7. Plus some breastmilk. And honestly, I've been giving her 1 bottle a day, because I can't stand the thought of her not getting enough milk. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know a lot of you have gone through this, so please, pass on any wisdom you have. Feel free to email me if that's easier.

And while we're soliciting advise, I'm trying to figure out what to feed my kid. We do a lot of applesauce and yams, because I have them on hand. And yogurt. And I've been trying to just feed her what we're eating for dinner, but that can be tricky seeing as she's only got the 4 teeth. Once again, I'm sure plenty of you have been through this before, so please, share.

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alisquire said...

I had the same problem with Ada. She wouldn't drink milk until she was completely weaned. I was worried she wasn't getting enough food, but it only lasted a few days and then she liked milk. Just make sure she eats plenty of yogurt and other stuff. Ada only had 3 or so teeth when she turned one, but she still ate what we did, just ground or mashed up.