Saturday, July 11, 2015

Spring Break

Ah, Spring Break.  When we are all very ready for from a break from school so we can drink in the arrival of spring.  And then realize at the end of the week, when we are starting to drive each other nuts, that this is the prelude to Summer Vacation, and what are we going to do after the first week of that, when we have 9 more weeks to go, we will all die. 

But Spring Break.  We had some fun.  We went to parks.  Julia learned to pump her legs, and now doesn't need me to push her on the swing anymore. 

We visited a nature center, where we learned about bees and what animals do in winter and saw an abundance of snakes and went for a nature walk wherein each "piece of nature" that someone picked up needed to be photographed.  I'd love to say this was to log and record each piece because my kids are future scientists, but really it was so I didn't have to have a bunch of nature in my car.

We did a lot of scootering around the block.

We went to our beloved Brookfield Zoo.  Buying a pass last year was the best thing we could have done.  Love that place.

And we enjoyed April Fools Day at the library.  There was some silly program (Silly Storytime?  A concert?), but I'm fuzzy on the details now.  This is why I should blog when things happen instead of 3 months later.  But I do know that they encouraged funny outfits, hence these pictures.  And they got to spin the wheel, which makes everyone's day.

In all, it was a really fun week, and no one killed each other.  In fact, the fighting was minimal, because we were so busy.  Which gave me great hope for summer vacation.

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