Sunday, July 12, 2015

Julia's Birthday, Nauvoo Edition

As Julia's birthday approached this year, I decided I wasn't up for throwing a big birthday party.  (I'm rarely up for throwing a big birthday party.  It gives me all kinds of social anxiety.)  So we thought perhaps a destination birthday would be more up our alley.  When Grammie and Opa decided to come visit, I immediately decided we needed to go to Nauvoo. 

Julia LOVES Nauvoo.  She had been wanting to go for a long time.  She has turned into our little history buff, who loves pioneers, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln.  When we told her we were thinking of going there for her birthday, she did a happy little freak out dance.  I thought that was a good sign. 

The girls had the day off of school, so we got to be there on her very birthday.  She requested blueberry pancakes for breakfast, so we brought all the ingredients with us and whipped it up in our hotel (which had a kitchenette, we aren't total nut jobs).  When I realized we forgot the maple syrup, Grammie came to the rescue by suggesting the leftover chocolate frosting from her birthday cake.  Anyone who has blueberry pancakes with chocolate frosting for breakfast on their birthday is a lucky, lucky person.  We opened presents and headed out to see the sites.

The perk of going in April is there are no crowds.  We had a lot of these places all to ourselves.  This allowed us to tell more people that it was Julia's birthday, which made her little heart burst with happiness.  There weren't all the pageants and shows going on, which is the downside of going in April (or upside, depending on how you feel about pageants and shows), but we were perfectly happy to take things at our own pace, see what we wanted to see, and head back to the hotel for some swimming when we were done. 

This about killed me.  Julia, giving a sermon.

The next day we went to the temple grounds.  I love that you can tell there is something special about temples even from the outside.  And hello tulips!  It was beautiful.

Also, there is something special about kids being able to touch the temple.  I don't know, maybe that's weird, but I thought it was quite sweet.

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