Thursday, November 01, 2012

Gratitude: Day 1

Remember how last November I had a month full of gratitude?  Well.  I've decided that was an excellent way to breathe new life into a sadly dwindling blog, find the tender mercies in my life, and bring in the holiday season (both Christmas AND Thanksgiving).  So here we go again.

Today Julia had the day off school.  The teachers at her school are smart and don't want to deal with tired, cranky kids the day after Halloween.  So I decided it would be a great day to head to the library, let them play for a bit and get some energy out.  But, we slept in, and there was a bit of lollygagging on my part, so we didn't make it out the door until 11.  And then I remembered that I needed to practice the organ.  So we made a detour to the church.  I got my practicing in, and then it was time to go to the library.

Except my car wouldn't start.

Cue panic.

So I called Clark, my go-to man when I'm in crisis mode.  He told me I should go find someone to jump it.

Cue tears.

Perhaps you know this, perhaps you don't, but I'm slightly. . . scared of people.  I hate to be a bother, I don't particularly like asking for help, and really I'd just rather figure things out on my own, thank you.  I get all nervous and flustered, and often I start crying, and then I'm really embarrassed, and then I cry more because I'm embarrassed, and it's a big fat downward spiral.

But avoiding people is not really an option when dealing with a dead car battery. 

So I put on my brave face (prayed the tears wouldn't leak out) and headed into the family history center at the church.  Where I found a sweet sister from our ward who was ready and willing to jump into action.

Her first response was, "I have an electric car.  I don't know if I can jump it."

Her second response was, "I'll call my husband and see if I can."

She called him up, got instructions, and the jump was jumped.

I'm so grateful that someone was at the church, and more specifically, that someone I know was there and willing to help.  No tears or embarrassment on my part.  Tender mercy, right there.

Let the gratitude begin!


Gretchen said...

Aw! You're the cutest. I'm glad it worked out! Car stuff is scary...I don't cry, I just get really irrationally angry at the car. Like it's got a personal vendetta against me and is taking it out on me by keeping me from Kroger. lol.

Celeste said...

So glad you had good help handy!