Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ella's Birthday

Remember how Ella had a birthday?  Back in July?  We're a little behind here. . .

Last year we created a tradition of taking the birthday girl to the candy shop and letting her pick out whatever she wants.  It actually turns out to be pretty inexpensive, but it makes that birthday girl feel like the queen of the store. Ella chose. . . . 

Gummy Bear Cubs!  Bonus: these made for the perfect potty training reward a couple weeks later.

During the week we also decorated the house, went to the zoo, and had the obligatory cake and ice cream.  I think Ella was delighted that we were singing for her.  You can see her patiently waiting for the song to finish so she can blow out the candles. 

And then we opened presents!  There were multiple babies involved.  Oh, we love the babies.  Babies and their accessories (diaper bags and bath toys and the like).  So much that taking a break for a picture with the babies is hard to do.

I'm afraid my baby isn't a baby anymore.  Tear.

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Cheryl said...

She's big. And adorable. Happy belated bday, Ella!