Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blockburgers in Michigan!

Way back in July, the Blockburgers came to town!  When we lived in St George, it felt like we had visitors all the time.  We could offer a break from winter, a short drive away!  Not to mention the red rocks and national parks, and did I mention the short drive part?  Now, we have nothing to offer in the winter (lots of snow, but no skiing), and we're one heck of a drive away.  Or a short-yet-expensive flight away.  The point is, we don't get visitors very often.  So we soaked up every minute of Blockburger love we could get.

Their trip happened to fall over July 4th.  We had a delightful time spending the holiday with family.  Also?  I adorned our home with stars. 

I found this idea on pinterest, just make a star stencil and sift some flour over it.  I thought it was AWESOME. 

You can even do it on grass!  But the grass ones didn't turn out as clear as the sidewalk ones. 

I seriously loved this little project.  And the stars lasted for a month!  I think this is something we'll be doing every year from here on out. 

The rest of the 4th of July was spent being hot.  We took the big B's to the Dow Gardens, and everyone just wilted in the humid heat.  After sweating it out for an hour, we gave up and went home, where we basked in the AC.  But there were fireworks that night, and the rest of the trip was a bit cooler.

We also made a trip to the ice cream shop,

and put Grandma to bed, along with everything she might have needed, ever.

And because the Blockburgers are traveling folk, we headed up to Mackinac Island.  We are now Michiganders, for real.  We've crossed the Mackinac Bridge, we've been to Mackinac Island, we've eaten the fudge, it's in our blood now. 

Also, this trip gave me the chance to stick my toes in two of the great lakes.  Only two to go :)

 On the ferry:

I think my favorite part of the trip was riding bikes around the island.  We hemmed and hawed over whether we should do it or not, and I'm ever so glad we did.  Riding a bike, with the lake air blowing on your face, the beach just to your left, and no cars in sight. . . it was magical.  So was discovering I still knew how to ride a bike - it was a little rocky there at first, but I picked it back up in no time. 

 All in all, we had a FABULOUS time with the Blockburgers, and hope they'll want to come back to Michigan again soon!


B-Rett said...

Love the stars! I think I'll steal that idea too. I hope to be able to visit you all someday and if we do, can we do that bike ride you just described. It sounds amazing! Can not wait to see you in less than 2 weeks now!

Elizabeth Glenn said...

Love that star idea! I'll have to try that one... and once again, your family is stinkin adorable and I love all of you. :)

Cheryl said...

What fun adventures. I'm still hoping you guys end up in Texas though. So...umm... get on that! ;)