Monday, July 09, 2012

Utah! Day 5

Monday was our day to head downtown and see the sights of the S L C.  Unfortunately, Clark's dad became ill Sunday night and was unable to join us.  It may or may not have been the same bug we had, dubbed "The Michigan Flu," by Steve.  I'm so very, very sorry if we passed that to him.  So.  Very.  Sorry.

We thought it would be a grand adventure to take the Trax.  It did not disappoint.  Julia and Ella were thrilled to be taking the train.  And Clark and I were thrilled not to have to deal with driving and parking downtown.  We hit up the new City Creek plaza, which was incredible!  We are not what you would call "shoppers," and we still thought it was neat.  The fountains, the creek, the layout.  It was really neat to see.  The girls enjoyed stopping at the Disney store, where Aunt Jessica bought them a little something.  (Julia got a Mickey Mouse playset, and Ella got a Finding Nemo playset.  I would like to take this moment to note that Ella has latched onto Pearl, named her "Baby," and never looked back.  We have to have Baby everywhere we go.  She sleeps with Baby.  She eats with Baby.  Baby reads stories with her.  She is in deep smit with Baby.)  We also go to visit Grandma at work, and go out to lunch with her.  Which was when we discovered the awesome soft playground right by the food court.  The Midland Mall has a little play area in the middle of it.  This was very similar.  Only MUCH bigger.  And DINOSAURS.   You can imagine Julia was in heaven.  It was a great find.

We also managed to mosey over to temple square, walk by the temple and tabernacle, and check out the Christus statue.  The statue was lost on the girls, but they were happy about seeing the temple. 

AND, this was the day we made our first trip to Cafe Rio.  So.  Delicious.  I've tried to make Cafe Rio style burritos before, and they are good, but they aren't the same.  I was left wondering what it would take to get one here in Midland.  Please?  Pretty please?  I'd even take on in Detroit.  Put it right by the temple, and you'll do big business. 

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Shari said...

It's so true about Cafe Rio!! We got one near my in-laws in Gilbert
(about 20 minutes from our house in Mesa)! I try to get Ammon to take me there whenever I can! It always reminds me of Provo! Fun times!