Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Utah! Day 4

Our first Sunday of the trip, we trekked across the valley to spend the day with the Andersons (my parents).  We spent the morning (and early afternoon) playing hide and seek with Grammie and Opa and moving all the stuffed animals from the giant dollhouse to the small closet under the stairs.  It was GREAT fun.  We also discovered their brand new DORA potty seat.  That makes noises.  Both girls were in 7th heaven, but Ella was especially happy, as she is our resident Dora lover.  (Personally?  I'm not a huge fan of Dora.  I feel like she's always yelling at me.  Luckily we don't watch Dora so much as we read Dora.  Thank goodness for the slew of Dora books from the library!)  We also got a chance to meet Dustan's family, and they are all delightful.  What a fun group of people.

At the late hour of 1:30pm we headed off to church.  Having church right during naptime was AWESOME.  But we powered through.  It turns out my parents' ward was reorganized a couple of weeks before we came to town, and this particular Sunday was their first real Sunday with all 3 hours of church.  So no one really knew where they were going, or who was who.  This was great because we fit right in!  Julia seemed to have a fabulous time in Primary, and Ella was all smiles after nursery (even though they thought her name was Darla).

After church we headed back across the valley to have dinner with Kim and Patrick.  We planned this kind of at the last minute, and I'm so glad we did.  We got to see Patrick's police car, and sample some of Kim's fantastic cooking (seriously, I need the recipe for that bread!), and the girls got to play with their Aunt and Uncle.  It was such great fun, and I was sad to see it end.  It really made me wish we lived closer.

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asm said...

Now I'm in suspense. You must go on! But sadly I understand how difficult it is to find time to finish.
Btw I also feel like Dora yells the entire time. She only uses imperative language and never says please. I noticed this bc Aryn would pick up those phrases and was so bossy the dys I let her watch Dora. Dora quickly became unpopular in the mommy section of our household.