Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Utah! Day 3

The big event of Saturday was Whitney's family Bridal Shower.  I had sent out the invitations from Michigan, which means Julia and I had talked about the shower.  I ended up taking just Julia and leaving Ella home with Dad for naptime.  But in the days leading up to the shower, Ella expressed her desperate desire to go. 

Julia: "The shower is tomorrow!  But just Mom and I are going, Ella.  You're staying with Dad."
Ella: "Ella come?  Too?"
Me: "No, Ella, just Julia and Mama."
Ella: "Ella come?  Too?  Ella come too??"

Tears from Ella

But despite the begging, she stayed home.  And it was probably a good thing, as I think Julia thought it was a bit boring.  I can't imagine what Ella would have thought.

Anyway.  It was a delightful chance to see everyone pre-wedding, and eat yummy food, and shower Whitney with presents and recipes! 

Saturday night Suzanne and Elliott brought the party to the Blockburgers and we went out for a late night Slurpee run.  And stayed up way later than we should have.  I was regretting that decision after only 4 hours of sleep, but once I was awake enough to think, the regrets were gone.  It's not every day you get to see family :)

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