Tuesday, April 05, 2011

For the Grandmas: 4/5/11

Tuesday nights Clark goes and plays basketball, so I have a computer and time all to myself. Guess it's blogging night!

Ella has been learning all kinds of new things this week. She stood unassisted for about 5 seconds the other day, which was very exciting. She also does this cute thing where she has a "conversation" with you. You say, "Ba, ba, ba," to her, and she responds with her own, "Bah, bah bah." It is so cute. Well here, watch the video.

She also likes to play, which makes her giggle, which makes me very happy. I think the cure for all woes is found in the laughter of a baby. Seriously.

Today we went to the Saginaw zoo for the first time! Suzanne got us a membership for Christmas, but they are closed in the winter. We've been itching to go for months, and today the planets aligned and we went. (We had to go to the bank, which is in Saginaw, so I thought we'd hit up the zoo as well. And may I say, I am an AWESOME navigator? This was my first solo trip to Saginaw, and I didn't get lost once. Even with all the nasty construction on I-75. I remained unruffled at the sight of orange cones. I'm pretty proud of this, if you couldn't tell. Anyway.) Would you like to hear about the zoo instead of my navigation prowess? Let's hear what Julia has to say (WARNING: extremely long video in which not much is actually said):

Oh wait, she apparently doesn't remember anything we did at the zoo. I don't know if she was just spouting out all the things she associates with zoos or if she really has that bad of a memory. I would like to emphasize that this is a small zoo. Very, very small. Their website boasts that they are home to over 150 animals, including such exotic creatures as the Domestic Dog, and American Cockroach. Um, I don't need to go to a zoo to see a dog. Or a cockroach. BUT, they do have other, more exciting animals, and Julia firmly declared that she loved the zoo and couldn't wait to go back. I think I would venture to say that this zoo is the perfect size for small children. We can see everything without being overwhelmed. And our membership allows us to ride the train and the carousel for free! Woo hoo! We are going to head back out there in a couple of weeks for Julia's birthday. Um, Julia is going to be 3. What the. . .

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