Tuesday, April 12, 2011

For the Grandmas 4/12/11

Post edit: I tried to use Picasa to upload my pictures to my blog. Apparently it didn't work. You should be able to see them now.

No videos this week, just pictures.

I sent Julia to put on her pajamas one night, and came into her room to find this:

Yes, that's a swimsuit. Over her clothes. Most definitely not her pajamas. And she does, in fact, have awesome hair. She usually does. It's a gift.

Clark and Julia made pancakes for dinner on Sunday. I thought it was a sweet moment. And pretty impressive that I actually reached for the camera, no?

It's Birthday Week for Julia, and we've got lots of fun things planned. I was inspired by my friend Celeste (who was inspired by Secrets of a Super Mommy) to have a birthday countdown. Except that I am so not crafty, in any way, and even with 9 months to think about it, I never got around to actually making a board. But I decided that the thought was the important part! Julia picked all the dinners this week (pancakes, beans and rice, chicken nuggets, sandwiches, mac and cheese, meatballs, waffles, and taco soup). Last night we had an All About Julia FHE, where we talked about the day she was born, and told our favorite Julia stories. Later this week, she gets to go on a date with Mom, decorate the house, pose for a photoshoot, and go to the zoo.

For today's activity, we went to the candy store and she got to pick out whatever she wanted. As approached the storefront, I realized that it was Easter, and this trip could really backfire on me. They had enormous chocolate bunnies for sale, and who wouldn't want an enormous chocolate bunny?! Well, Julia didn't. She looked around for a while, and then chose a package of two chocolate coated peep bunnies. $1.25. I kind of felt bad, so I let her pick something else, too. She got a $1 package of gummy worms. Not bad at all! And she was in heaven.
Oh, Ella. You melt my heart. And then you run away and eat any paper you can get your hands on.
Julia begged me to take a picture of their "capes." So I did.
Doesn't Ella look like a girl who knows how to have a good time? Also, a girl on the move. 9 months old today. Holy smokes!


Melissa said...

I can only see the top picture, but that one is very cute. It looks like a very stylish outfit!
Good job on the birthday week, sometimes I feel lucky to do a birthday day.

Lisa said...

Julia in her swimsuit over her clothes is very cute! But it's the only picture I can see on this post. All I have is a line of rectangles that respond with a little arrow when I scroll onto them. Help!?

Cheryl said...

Last night all I could see was the first picture. Today I can see most of them and they are adorable.

Miss you guys!

Jessica said...

Is it just the pictures or does ella maybe have redish hair?

Shanny said...

I wish she had reddish hair! I think the sunlight gives it a slight red hue, but otherwise it's pretty blonde.

Kim said...

Haha... sounds like a thrifty little girl. Also, I love that Julia came up with so many dinner ideas. You said she got to pick dinners all week and I was expecting to see one choice 7 times. And I love the capes!

Celeste said...

I am so honored that you would be inspired by me! I'm glad you've been having fun with it. We've been doing K.C.'s birthday count down this week too. (I hadn't thought of taking him to the candy store... maybe I shouldn't though! haha)

I love that Julia AND Ella have 'capes' they are such cute girls!