Monday, December 20, 2010

Good Instructions

Since Ella has absolutely no desire to drink milk from a bottle, and yet was enthralled to see Julia drinking from a sippy cup today, I told Julia to show Ella how it's done. And then Julia came up with the running commentary.

"First, you bring it up to your mouth. Then you take a drink. Then you take a break, and you say this word: 'Ahhhh.'"


Shari said...

Too cute! I love reading the wonderful things that girl comes up with!

Soper Family said...

LOL! That Julia is one hilarious little girl!

Karen said...

:D I love the things your spunky little girl says!

Celeste said...

Cute! I think that's a great explanation! I remember when Craig never took a drink without saying "ahh" at the end. Fun memories

Do you remember that one time at Fatten up for the Feast where Clark was trying to tell a story about that sound from when he was little and we all just kept cracking up and it took like ten minutes to get one simple little sentence out? Oh that was delightful.