Tuesday, December 07, 2010

For the Grandmas 12/3/10

So, I meant to post something on Friday, I really did. And then I hit a button and broke the internet. All day long, I was without internet. Luckily Clark worked some magic and fixed it. But then it was the weekend, and things got busy, and I never did get a video of Julia. But Ella is the one who changes so much, so I have decided to just post what I've got, hang the consequences.

So. No Julia. But you get 2 Ella videos! The first is the one I originally intended to post on Friday. Ella being Ella, on 12/3/10.

The second is a montage of Ella laughing her guts out while I was playing with her, and Ella showing off her newest skill: blowing raspberries.

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Celeste said...

There is nothing more delightful than a baby laugh! And I love how it's the simplest things that crack them up! Raspberries! Savannah loves that too, but she's taken to doing it on my arm or the back of the office chair... It's quite funny.

I did it! I'm all caught up! It's official. I still miss you my friend. But I'm very glad you have a blog!