Thursday, July 08, 2010

Oh, that Julia

  • We have this book, Halloween with Morris and Boris. (Yes, quality children's literature, I know.) Julia picked it up a while ago and decided to read it to herself. She titled it, "Morris and Boris and Natasha go Trick or Treating." I think I like it better.
  • When watching fireworks: "Oooo, sparkles! I want to eat them!"
  • We had an incident at the grocery store the other day. I was pretty upset with Julia. We came home, calmed down, and had naps. After her nap, she didn't come out of her room like she usually does. After about half an hour, I went in there to see what was going on. She was quietly playing in her bed. She looked at me and said, "Are you mad?" Guess she didn't want to come out and face the wrath of mom.
  • The other day she laid her head down on my lap and said, "I'm so happy to see you."
  • We came home from our walk and she said,
    "We're at Taiz's house!"
    "Isn't this your house? Do you live here?"
    “So it’s your house! Does Daddy live here?”
    “So it’s Daddy’s house! Do I live here?”
    “I don’t? Where do I live?”
    “At the doctors.”

    So true. So so true.
  • She'll be bawling her eyes out, and if you ask her if she wants something she'll still find it in her to say, "No, thank you."


Clark said...

. . . is much too much.

And last night while looking for her Home Depot apron she said "Where is that stupid apron?" It's a good thing neither of us say anything worse that that.

Amber said...

I love that even when she's sad she can still be polite! Good job!