Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2 Weeks!

Well. Ella has been in our lives for 2 weeks now. I find myself thinking, "These 2 weeks have flown by!" and, "Has it only been 2 weeks? Really? Surely it's been longer than that!" at the same time. I kind of feel like I'm in a time warp. A postpartum time warp. Also warped? My emotions. I think things are finally starting to calm down. I haven't burst into tears over nothing for. . . 3 days now? Poor Clark. Send him your sympathies.

Anyway. I thought you would all enjoy a video of the wee one, and perhaps a few photos as well. Here is our 2 week old girl:

If you'd like to compare, here is a video of Julia at 2 weeks old. I think they look exactly alike.

And some photos! What fun!

And this has nothing to do with Ella, but who wouldn't want to see a picture of a toddler with her underpants and skirt on her head?
I know, I just made your day. You're welcome.


Celeste said...

Ella is so beautiful! and you're right her and Julia look a lot alike! I love how they have matching shirts too!

And Julia...well Julia is hilarious! ;)

Alex said...

She is just precious!!! Oh my, Julia is just SO big now too! Hope she's being a good helper! Glad you're starting to feel better! Hugs!

Soper Family said...

Congratulations on your beautiful Ella! You are one lucky momma to have two beautiful and healthy girls. We miss you dearly in the ward. I hope your current ward family appreciates your awesomeness! - Ashley

Judy said...

You have two beautiful ladies.

Sabrina said...

So cute!

Heather Bay said...

I love your blog, Shannon! Congratulations on your beautiful daughters! They are so lucky to have such wonderful parents.
Love, H

Stewart said...

You're right: that did make my day!

Stewart said...

You're right: that did make my day!