Friday, October 30, 2009

Julia Goolia

Here are a couple of random little things about Julia that I've noticed lately:

Every time either Clark or I starts playing the piano, Julia dashes off to the study so she can play the keyboard. And by play I mean hit the button for the demo song, and then dance to the music. And when the first song stops (before song #2 can start), she resets it to go back and play song #1. Apparently she's got specific musical opinions already. I'm not sure if she hates the music we play on the piano, or she wants to be more involved, but that is what she does every single time. Without fail.

Also, the kid has touch issues. We went to the pumpkin patch on Monday, and started off at the petting zoo. Julia LOVES the animals, but she is very hesitant to touch them. Her friend Craig was in the pen with the goats while she was hesitantly putting her finger through the fence. And once she touched them, that was enough, she didn't need to sit and pet them. Just for looks, thank you very much.

I've been trying to have more structured activities for Julia during the day (especially since I've got a break from watching Isaac for a while, so she gets bored). I decided to make some play dough, just to see how it turned out. It was actually kind of a different consistency, but I thought it would definitely be fun to play with. Then I showed Julia, and had her touch it. I believe her exact words were, "No. No. No. Scary." So much for that.

Other things in the scary department: the vacuum ("Mama scary"), the lawnmower ("Dada scary"), (aren't you pleased that she has learned these gender roles already?) and the garbage truck. But buses are OK. In fact, buses are wonderful. She hears them in the distance and gets very excited about the, "BUS! BUS!" Even though sometimes it's not really the bus, it's the garbage truck. Secretly, I laugh inside every time she does that. Is that mean?


Cheryl said...

She is so funny! We love you, Julia Goolia!

Celeste said...

She definitely has an opinion about stuff. But it's so cute you can't help but smile.