Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall Things

Fall has finally arrived, and as such, I decided it was time to get some decorative squash to put on our counter. Which we will then eat. And love. Especially you, Butternut Squash. You are destined to be an amazing soup. Luckily, I just purchase this darling trifle bowl from my friend Holly, so I thought why not? Let's give the squash a bowl. I like how it turned out:

And then (and then!), I won something from We Chirp. Who I love, because a) they have fun giveaways, and b) they are as obsessed with Glee as I am. Guys. Glee. It pretty much rocks. And it's on tonight. If you haven't watched, I urge you to do so. Awesome music will be in your head all week long. Anyway, back to my winnings:

Good grief, how darling is that?! It's now sitting on my couch, in all it's lovely glory. Thanks to Heidi Devlin Design!

As an aside, I also won something from Give Away Today, and it arrived yesterday, and I'm terribly excited about it, but it's going to be a Christmas present for someone, so I can't post a picture of it yet. Soon. Christmas is only 71 days away! ( I don't know if that thought makes me happy or highly stressed out.)


Sabrina said...

Very cute stuff. I love butternut squash soup too! That squash isn't cheap around these parts though so I rarely buy it.

Can't say I agree with the Glee assessment though. I could only get through about a third of the pilot. I'll just have to watch the youtubes of the songs. I don't care for the rest of the content, but to each their own!

Shanny said...

As an aside, all this squash was on sale for $0.39/lb, which is an excellent deal.

And it's too bad you don't like Glee, Bean. But, like you say, to each their own.

Emily said...

We LOVE Glee too! We watched the pilot last spring and were excited for the season to start. We haven't been disappointed and we actually got my parents hooked too! Loved last weeks episode with the mash-ups, so fun.
I've seen you win on Give Away Today, what a great site. Gotta love freebies!

amanda said...

I love Glee! Nathan was making fun of me last night because I had recorded the show, and I had to rewind it to watch the last "song of awesomeness" as I like to call it. (I've always loved Keep Holding On, even if the movie it comes from stunk really bad.) And every week is filled with "songs of awesomeness!" It just makes me happy, or as Nathan punnily put it, fills me with glee.

*Oh, and butternut squash ravioli is my new favorite food!

Celeste said...

That's such a cute pillow! I can't tell you how many of those giveaways that I've entered. And I've won oh, well, um never. I will persevere! You'll have to tell me your secrets. :) And I love that bowl and squash too! Fall is wonderful.

Em said...

I don't know anything about Glee, but the pillow is dang cute.

I should try to win things...