Monday, February 02, 2009

Slow food is good food.

Last week I finally bought a crock-pot.

I know what you're thinking: "What is wrong with this girl, and how on earth has she survived without a) knowing how to steam veggies, and b) owning a crock-pot?" It's pretty ridiculous, I'll confess. To be fair, we do own a crock-pot, it's just very small, 1.5 quarts I believe. I think someone gave it to us for our wedding thinking, "There are only two of them, this is the perfect size!" But they didn't take into account that I don't cook for 2, I cook for 2 + leftovers. So for the last 5 years, I've found numerous recipes that look so easy and so tasty, and I've passed them over because we don't have a big enough crock-pot.

But no more!

On Wednesday I finally said to Clark, "Guess what, we're getting a crock-pot." Because they really aren't expensive, and I really think we'll use it often.

I've already used it twice, and I love it. I love that it has a removable inner stoneware pot that is dishwasher safe, which is LOADS better than the Mr Tiny, which you cannot immerse in water. And I love that we went to church yesterday, and came home to find dinner all ready for us. I know, this isn't "new" news to anyone, everyone has a crock-pot, but I was so excited for it.

As a side note, both times I used it, I also used Millar recipes. Those Millars have got some excellent recipes, and they are so easy!


Sabrina said...

Glad to hear it's been a success. What is the other Millar recipe you used?

Shanny said...

We had Taco Soup on Sunday. I've made that one many times before, but never with a crockpot.

Megan D. said...

Crock pots are the best. Tom and I's favorite is cooking chicken breasts in salsa for like 6 hours. When it is done you can shred it with a fork and then add sour cream. It is great for nachos or taco-y things. Enjoy!

auntyjo said...

You need to get the book Fix-it-and-Forget-It. I have two different ones and they have good recipes in different variations. I got mine at Costco. I use my slow cooker a lot.
Jo Ann