Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pi(e) Day!

 The past few years, Clark and I have made it a point to celebrate Pi Day (3/14).  It's kind of the perfect holiday for us - a celebration of math and dessert. 

This year I made 3 pies - Banana Cream, Chocolate pudding, and Apple.  And may I say, the apple pie was to die for.  I only got one piece, but oh my, it was delicious.  So good, in fact, that I had to make it again for Easter Sunday.  Partly because Julia begged me, and partly because I couldn't stop thinking about it.  In fact, thinking about it now is making me salivate.  Let's look at the close up:

Doesn't that look amazing?  It was amazing. 

We invited some friends over, and had quite the spread.  Delicious pastry abounded.  And we even had a recitation of pi to some crazy number of digits. 

I've seen the article floating around Facebook about how we need to calm down on the holidays and make life easier for everyone.  Pi Day gets a mention among the holidays that have been invented and talked up at school, resulting in kids coming home with high expectations.  And sure, Pi Day might not be for everyone.  But boy howdy, this holiday was made for me.  I love that we do this holiday at our house.

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Sabrina said...

I totally agree with that holiday article circulating FB. However, I also agree that Pi Day was certainly made for your family. If I was more of a Pi lover, maybe I'd be more excited about it, like I am for the wonderful low-day holiday 3 days later, St. Patty's.