Tuesday, March 19, 2013


 I mentioned a bit ago that we finally got enough snow to go skiing.  (Finally.)  And while later, we finally got a bunch of good, wet snow, so we could make a snowman!  Most of the stuff that we get here is all powder and fluff.  Not good for packing.  So we were thrilled that we could make snowballs and snowmen and all kinds of fun things. 

I even had a bag of baby carrots sitting in the fridge that no one was going to eat because no one at my house likes carrots (and yet I still bought them, wishful thinking I guess).  So we gave Mr. Snowman a nose and some eyes.  Ella took a little break to eat a carrot.  The cold must have been getting to her at this point.

Then we gave the snowman. . . a necklace?  A very low smile?

And I guess we put some very lopsided buttons on.  Things started getting crazy.  Meanwhile, Ella decided to lay down and try to make snow angels.

And since we had more carrots, why not put some in the back of his head, too?  Then we get to see his carroty face from our window, as well as from the street!

 A job well done.  Ella refused to stand up.  I don't blame her.  It took a lot of work to stick all those carrots in.

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Judy said...

I'm glad you could enjoy the snow.