Sunday, March 17, 2013

Oratory Skills

A few weeks ago we got a postcard in the mail telling us Julia was giving a talk in Primary.  (I sort of can't believe that I have a kid old enough to give a talk in Primary.  But I digress.)  Julia immediately set to work drawing pictures to accompany her talk.  And then she dictated the talk to Clark, who typed it up for her. 

By the by, did you know Julia can read?  I mean, really read?  She's been learning words for a while, but she is a full on, confident READER these days.  She is reading cereal boxes and street signs and anything she can get her hands on.  She read Nate the Great to me the other day.  No joke: she's a reader. 

So, let's review.  She wrote her talk.  She drew pictures for her talk.  And she read her talk.  With minimal help from her parents.  I was BURSTING with pride.  In full disclosure, Clark did plug in the scripture at the end, but other than that, it was all Julia. 

Here we have the pictures, followed by a video of one of our practice runs.  First the text:

"When we were in heaven, God had a plan for us so we could come to earth.  He thought that would make us happy because he wanted us to go to Earth.  Then he made the Earth with water and plants and animals and trees.  Then he sent us all to Earth.  The prophet Lehi said, "men are that they might have joy."  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

 Picture #1: The brown dots are Heavenly Father and Jesus.  We have a yellow sun in the blue sky, and a tree, and some grass at the bottom.  I'm pretty sure this is God creating the Earth.

Picture #2: The Earth.  Signed by Julia.  The tails on her a's get a little crazy.

Picture #3: Julia, on Earth.  

 Pretty good, right?  Here's the delivery:

Proud mom, right here.


Judy said...

Good job Julia! You gave an excellent talk.

Sabrina said...

Nice work, Julia! I did something similar, probably around the same age. My mom kept my talk so it's in an album of some sort and I have seen it (hence remembering this). I didn't draw pictures to hold up, but I did draw pictures and wrote words to prompt me to know what I was going to say. I wouldn't let my parents help me at all. You should definitely keep that talk for her when she's older. I alsways get a kick out of looking at mine.

Celeste Hunt said...

Fantastic! She just flies through those words! What a little smarty! Good job Julia! (and Shannon and Clark, because lets be honest you're her spring board for success). I love her pictures! And I particularly love how she knows where to switch pictures (and chucks them off to the side when she's done with them!). Tell her I'm proud of her too!

Cheryl said...

Good job Jules!

Mimi said...

I was so proud of little Julia too. She's amazing! And I'm glad you posted her talk because I forgot to get a copy of it.