Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Happy New Year!

With the start of new year, I've been doing some reflecting.  Thinking on the past year, and all the good times we had, and thinking on the new year, and the hopes that come with it. 

2012 was good to us.  We went to Chicago, Utah, Mackinaw Island, Niagara Falls, and Palmyra.  I gained a brother-in-law, and 2 nephews.  Ella learned to talk up a storm, and to use the potty.  Julia learned to read.  Clark started running barefoot.  And we walked 1000 miles as a family.  (That's right: we met our goal!)  It's been a great year.

I have high hopes for 2013.  We made a new family goal, involving reading.  2, actually.  The first: read the Book of Mormon as a family.  It very well might take us all year, but I think we're finally old enough that we can do it.  I'm very excited to get into the habit of family scripture study.  We've been sadly lazy on this front.  But no more.

And then there is our second goal.  Well, I don't know if you can call it a "goal," as there is no set number.  We are just going to keep track of all the books read (kids books) and pages read (adult books) (not adult books, just grown-up books) (who do you think I am?), and see how many we can get this year.  I think it'll be exciting to see the list next January 1.

Also on the list of resolutions?  Be more patient.  Spend less time yelling at my kids.  Do more yoga.  And be more grateful.  I'm hoping to write something of gratitude every day in my personal journal.  A lofty goal, to be sure, but one that will infuse a sense of thankfulness into my life. 

Here's to 2013!  (I still think that sounds like a made-up number, not a year.)


Sabrina said...

Those are some good solid goals and you did have a good 2012. I am glad we could be a part of it. Happy New Year!

Jedda said...

Good job on making the miles goal!! I have to tell you that we have had a lot of fun keeping track of our books in our multiple goodreads accounts. I set up a couple for the kids under my email and pseudo names and they love to add their books there. Your kids might like it too. Happy New Year!

Kay Hinton said...

I love the idea of keeping track of the number of pages read. I'm going to copy you!

Lauren said...

People that set goals are impressive. You are impressive. Love the reading goals, too.

sweetpea said...

Reading goals are the best!!! You're right--I think it will be really fun to look back next January and see everything your family has read.

Congrats on the miles walked...we might actually try that this year as a family. Great idea!