Wednesday, February 22, 2012

All You Need is Love

For Valentines Day this year we invited a friend over to bake and decorate sugar cookies. The girls had a blast cutting the cookies out and pouring the sprinkles on (I decided to leave the frosting to the grown-ups).

Clark even got home in time to snuggle baby Rylee. What a sweet little baby!

Unfortunately, all the excitement from the day left me pretty worn out by the time I got the house cleaned up, so we just went to bed. Valentines Day Fail.

But luckily, the youth in our ward had planned on offering free babysitting for Valentines Day, but had to change the date due to the floors in the gym being refinished. So last night we got a little over an hour of no kids at no charge! We went to Barnes and Noble, got some Starbucks hot cocoa. . . and bought power steering fluid at Target. It's like we were trying to be romantic, and then ended up being boring old people. Valentines Day Fail.

Have I lost my touch? Am I really that boring that I can't come up with a V-Day date? Who buys power steering fluid on their night out? Has The Frump permeated my life so completely? Sigh. I suppose I should be happy that we are comfortable enough in our relationship to do something so mundane on (Faux) Valentines Day. It's all about the love, right?

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Julia said...

its all about spending time together and enjoying that time no matter what you are doing!!!