Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm on the phone, Mom!

Ell has been obsessed with the phone lately. Anything with buttons is immediately pressed to her cheek as she says, "Hi!" And when she is granted the rare privilege of playing with my phone, or better yet, actually calling someone? Oh, wow, it's like Christmas.

Of course, she doesn't see my phone as a rare privilege. She sees it as her God-given right. She is, and always has been, entitled to access to my phone. Any time she wants. Even if Mom is already talking on it.

I'm trying to limit our phone time (who thought I'd be saying that already?).

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Celeste said...

We have to do the same thing! Who would have thought?! They're babies. We have to make Craig earn all of the time he gets on the phone. Sometimes it's exhausting!